To the Girl Feeling Stuck in Life

The following blog post is taken from an Instagram Post I made 2 years ago on March 2, 2020. It's words are still 100% applicable today, and I hope they bring you some encouragement if you're feeling stuck in life.

Girl, I've gotta be honest with ya. I've been STRUGGLING this past month.⁠

Do you ever get to that point where you feel like:⁠

-you're being pulled in 50 different directions...⁠

-you've lost your mojo + any clarity or vision...⁠

-wondering what THE HECK Jesus made ya to do with your life...

-you simply can't get back on track?⁠

If so, TRUST ME, I understand because that has been me this whole past month! I've felt so confused + all you have to do to see the proof is look at my IG account right now. It is a visual representation of just how confused I've felt.⁠

But then this morning I was doing my morning Bible reading (Exodus 4, hey Moses 👋🏼) + was reminded of something--commitment comes before confirmation. You have to COMMIT to taking action before the big stuff is gonna come.⁠ Sometimes you just gotta say "I'm all in!" BEFORE you feel like the path is made obvious. God doesn't lay out the complete game plan + THEN ask us if we're in. He demands our commitment FIRST, + then feeds us what we need to know as we go along.

Trust is a prerequisite to doing life with Him.

Before I can expect big things to happen in my life or to receive absolute clarity + direction on where He's leading me, I need to first commit to the small, everyday tasks. I need to be faithful in the day-to-day. I need to pay attention to His everyday commands.⁠ Things like...


-reading scriptures

-keeping my pride in check

-surrendering my time + resources to Him

-making sure my relationship with God my #1 priority

I know from past experience that when I do this--when I choose to be present in the now + do the daily well--that's when the big things come. That's when I realize where I should be headed. That's when my business booms. That's when change comes.⁠

So friend, if you're feeling a lil' stuck like I have, how 'bout we try this method of stepping back + simply COMMITTING before our path is clear?⁠

You in? I hope you are!

I'm cheering you on always!

Katie xx

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