To the Girl Experiencing Change

The following blog post is taken from an Instagram Post I made 2 years ago on March 3, 2020. I talk a lot about having "open hands" in life, and this post is from when God first started laying the idea of open handed living on my mind. Enjoy!

Can we talk about change for a quick sec?⁠

Friend, I am NOT the best with change. Albeit, I'm not the WORST...but I'm definitely not the best.⁠ Somewhere in the middle. Average. You get it.⁠

Anyways, are there certain things in life you would give just about ANYTHING to keep the same? To not have disturbed or disrupted? That you're severely protective of?⁠ Here are a few of mine...⁠

  • family⁠
  • friends⁠
  • time⁠

Something I've been struggling with recently is the practice of living life with open hands. Being willing to let things go so you can also accept things that are new.⁠

I'm good at living with open hands when it comes to some things, but not when it comes to important people in my life or time. I want to hold them tightly with clenched fists + white knuckles so they never change or leave.⁠ I want to convince them that nothing could possibly be better than HERE.⁠

Do you ever do the same with something or someone in your life?⁠

The other day I was reading through Exodus 4, and came across the part where Moses asked his father-in-law, Jethro, if he could leave for Egypt. Jethro's only recorded response was 3 simple words: "Go in peace."⁠ I had never paid this part of the story much attention before, but as I was reading it earlier this week something struck me...⁠

When Moses left for Egypt, Moses also took Zipporah + his children with him. Jethro didn't just give up his son-in-law. He gave up his daughter and his grandchildren too.⁠

But did he live with closed hands? No! He let them leave + told them to "go in peace".⁠

I was challenged by this passage. I don't want to hold the people I love so tightly that I ever prevent them from following God's will. I want to live with not just open hands, but with arms spread wide!⁠

So that's what I'll be working on. Loving people well with open hands.⁠

I'm cheering you on always!

Katie xx

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