Our Time in Michigan

Spring 2022

For the past many months Jackson and a couple of friends have been planning a 124 mile bike trip through Michigan. This past week it finally happened! They started in Caledonia, MI and ended in Pentwater, MI, where we all met for a few days to celebrate a successful bike trip and enjoy one another's company. It was so wonderful to spend some time with friends we don't get to see nearly often enough anymore. Beckley especially had a great time with some of her "Aunts and Uncles"! You can scroll down to see plenty of photos documenting the trip. ☺️

Too often I've heard it said that a great way to destroy a friendship is by traveling with them. While this may happen from time to time for others, we've personally found traveling with friends to be an extremely fulfilling and wonderful gift in our lives! So much so that we're *constantly* pitching new trips to friends. 😂 We can't get enough of it! So just in case you're feeling a little cautious of traveling with friends, I've got you covered. Here are some lighthearted tips for traveling with friends (without hating each other)...

  1. Be conscious of one another's needs/desires. If you know you have a couple people in the group who are go-getters, plan some adventures as a group! If someone has a kid who needs naps, be mindful of when those may be happening.
  2. It never hurts to be flexible and easy-going. Be quick to compromise and willing to be flexible!
  3. Do things as a group but leave space for people to break off and do their own thing if needed.
  4. Be honest! Don't bottle up things. Being flexible is great, but also make your desires known. Being honest about things like preferences of eating out/eating in is key.
  5. Try new things! Chances are you will be pushed a little out of your comfort zone at some points. Having the willingness to try new things is also a great way to make new memories!
  6. Split the bill. Go in together on groceries/etc. and when in doubt, lean on the generous side.
  7. Have fun!! Traveling with friends is such a luxury, and something we personally love to do. Make sure you're in the moment and having a great time!

Enjoy these photos from our Michigan trip last week. Cheering you on always!

Katie xx

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