Outer Banks 2022

Part 1

This past week we made our annual trip down to the OBX for 2022, and it was such a great break from routine. Unfortunately Beckley was cutting some molars when we arrived, so she had a fever and wasn't feeling well the first couple of days, but it was still an amazing trip and well worth the journey down!

It's amazing to me how quickly all of your worries and concerns can fade away when you're by the water. I live by a lake which provides a very similar kind of therapy, but there's something so monumental about the ocean. You cannot help but be captivated by it.

As Jackson, Beckley, and I approach the home stretch before finally being able to move into our new home, we were grateful for a break from the heaviness of life. This world is a broken one, and oftentimes it's flaws can weigh heavy on your shoulders. Don't forget to take time to really rest and cast those burdens aside for a time. It doesn't have to look like a beach vacation, it could be as simple as taking 1 day a week where you say you aren't going to focus on those burdens and instead spend time in worship and rest. (Aka, taking a sabbath, a practice often forgotten in today's world.)

We aren't meant to carry this world's burdens on our own. We are to carry them with the blessed help of our Lord, the one who created the oceans and commands its waves. 🌊

Enjoy some images from our first 24 hours in Manteo, Outer Banks.

Katie xx