Free Therapy

This week we are on vacation in the Outer Banks, and I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to hear the sound of the waves again.

In my mind there is something so therapeutic about the beach. My Dad and I even joked tonight that the beach is like "free therapy". It's an automatic reset button, and I am so thankful for it.

As soon as you take that first step onto the sand, feeling it sift between your toes, all of your concerns and stress fade away. The sound of the waves ease your mind, and your shoulders feel light and free. The gentle, warm breeze clears your senses and brings a bounce back into your step.

We live by the water, but there is something different about the ocean. For me it is a place where I know I will leave feeling refreshed.

How about you? Where is geographic automatic reset button for you?

Scroll down for some pics of our evening on the beach! Beckley was LOVING the waves! 😍🌊