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Just in case you're in a huge rush and want to know my preference right away, here it is: Airbnb all the way.

HOWEVER, there are certainly situations where a hotel makes more sense! So if you're looking for a more complete breakdown of the pros and cons of hotels vs Airbnb's while traveling with a baby...just keep reading.


  • Typically there is a lot more room available in an Airbnb vs a hotel room. You can often get a space that has multiple bedrooms which is GREAT when you have a baby or toddler who's used to sleeping in their own room. This is especially preferred if you're on a longer trip where you'll be staying for more that a night or two and you want to be able to hang out where you're staying without worrying about waking up your little one while they're sleeping.

  • I don't know this for a fact, but I also feel like Airbnbs are cleaner than hotels. I feel better about letting Beckley crawl around in an Airbnb vs a hotel room floor.

  • More privacy!! Amen for this, right? Of course, this depends on the TYPE of Airbnb you opt to get, but by and large you're offered more privacy going this route than you do a hotel room.

  • The amenities are preferable. In an Airbnb you often get a full kitchen and washer and dryer, things that you don't typically get in hotel rooms unless you opt for suites (and even then you're out a washer and dryer). A dishwasher is super handy for cleaning bottles quickly. Can you wash them by hand in a sink? Of course! But after a long day of travel it feels GOOD to just throw them into a washing machine and call it a day. Having a washer and dryer isn't necessary, but it can definitely come in handy when traveling with a baby in case they have a mess, blowout, or something else you'd rather not have to completely hand wash in a sink. 😂


  • Not always cheaper, depending on a the type of Airbnb you opt for, how long you're staying, location, etc. There are a lot of factors that play into this, and sometimes it IS cheaper. But oftentimes we find it's slightly more expensive to go this route.




  • If you're visiting a resort, theme park, or another kind of entertainment facility for more than a day, check to see if they have a hotel on site. A hotel could make more sense in this scenario because of your ability to retire to your room for naps, and then quickly get back to fun one your little one wakes up. I'd say this is especially important if you have a little one who can only sleep in a crib/pack-n-play!

  • Usually hotels are slightly cheaper, which if you're on a strict budget is very important. Hotels also often have breakfasts included, so that's one meal you don't have to worry about buying groceries or going out for.

  • POOLS! Most hotels have a pool and maybe even a hot tub too, which personally I consider to be a huge pro. True, you could get an AirBnb with a pool also, but whether or not you can pull that off depends on a variety of factors. All three of us are huge pool fans, so having one in a hotel is a huge pro for us!


  • Basically just scroll up to the "Airbnb: Pros" section and you'll get the gist for cons of choosing a hotel. 😂 Seriously though, we've stayed in a hotel many times with Beckley before and it's always been totally fine.

  • One specific con is that in a lot of hotels you only have one room, which means you're sharing a room with your little one. If you're used to this at home then this isn't an issue, but personally Beckley sleeps in her own room and is used to her own space while sleeping, so we have to get creative with sleeping options. What we usually end up doing while staying in a hotel room is finding the darkest corner in the room and putting Beckley's pack-n-play there. If we have to move furniture then we do so! (Don't worry, we always put it back). Then, we'll often drape blankets around the edges of her pack-n-plan for visual privacy, and keep her sound machine on high for noise.

I hope you found this post helpful! Remember that traveling with a baby takes patience, and that in every messy situation there is a message to learn. Go into it with a learner's heart and you'll be golden!

Cheering you on always!

Katie xx

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