Our Weekend Away in Michigan

Hey all! Today is a purely personal post documenting our trip we took this past weekend to visit our friends in Michigan. We had an amazing time, and it was so fun seeing friends we hadn't seen in too long!

(Sorry in advance for any typos. Too busy to proof-read before posting!) 😂

Here's what we did in Michigan...


  • We drove to our hotel around halfway after Jackson got out of work. It was around a 4 hour drive and Beckley was a complete saint. She slept almost the entire trip!


  • We got up early and took Beckley swimming for the first time in the hotel pool!! She did so great! The pool was pretty cold, so it took her a little while to get used to the temperature, but she didn't cry once and was very excited about the water. I wish the pool had been warmer so we could have swam longer, but oh-well.


  • We drove the rest of the way to our friends' house and on the way we stopped for lunch at Applebee's. We got appetizers AND dessert (we were on vaca, haha) and Beckley had some french fries and a celery stick. 🍟
  • Once we got to our friends' house we went for a bike ride. Beckley rode in her bike buggy and enjoyed the ride so much! We had chicken pot-pie for dinner and played lots of Sushi-Go that evening. If you aren't familiar with Sushi-Go, check it out. It's so fun!!


  • Jackson went for a bike ride and I slept in as much as Beckley would allow me. It was such a nice slow morning with bagel sandwiches, SUPER tasty donuts, and just chilling with friends. Plus, Beckley got to meet our friends 2 cats and she LOVED THEM. I think we might have to get a cat ourselves because she wouldn't stop laughing anytime she saw one of them!


  • That afternoon we rode out to a cute lakeside town to meet some other friends and had the BEST pizza. We also walked along the pier and some some of the largest yachts I've ever seen! I told Jackson I wanted to buy the largest one we saw and offer it as a wedding venue for small-scale weddings. He told me we could do that when I started making a million a year. 😂
  • After pizza we went on a brief hike to the beach and walked along the water. It was so beautiful! It never fails to amaze me the diversity Michigan offers. It's amazing how much just one state can have!


  • We all went back to the house to celebrate our friend's birthday and had ice cream cake, and you guessed it, it was SO GOOD. Seriously, we ate so well this weekend! We then played several rounds of Sushi-Go Party Version. (We played lots of Sushi-Go, haha).


  • Sunday morning we went to church, and then after getting packed up we headed back home! Beckley did so well the drive home--we are thankful for a baby that travels really well!

All in all it was an amazing weekend filled with lots of quality time with friends we love. It was so fun to see Beckley trying new things, meeting new people, and growing to love the same people we love.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Tuesday!

Katie xx