DISCLAIMER: I promise I'm not only going to write blog posts about modesty now! BUT, in my defense, I'm in the middle of overhauling my wardrobe to make it more modest and so a lot of what I'm thinking about is centered around that. (Hence all of the blog posts about modesty. 😂)

DISCLAIMER #2: Everyone has a different idea of what "modest" is. This is just my interpretation. ☺️

The Modest Alternative to Leggings that I'm Obsessed With!

Ya'll, I'm one of those girls who was always in leggings. They're comfortable, warm, and practical. However, they aren't (in my opinion) modest. I mean, think about it. The entire outline and shape of your butt is on show. 🍑 This isn't something that bothered me before--and I'm certainly not going to judge anyone for wearing leggings--but nowadays I'm looking for items that offer a little more coverage in the 🍑 area.

I was online searching for a pair of pants that could replace my workout leggings, and I found the PERFECT style on Amazon! They're lightweight, comfortable, flattering without being skin-tight, and--get this--they have POCKETS! 👏🏽 Click HERE to check these awesome joggers out! They're made of a quick-dry material which is perfect for working out/running in, and have vents for encouraging air-flow.

For reference, I wear a size small and find them to be true to size. I've also washed both of my pairs (I have them in the colors "Dark Red" and "Yale Blue") and have found them to wash really well! I'll link the two pairs I have below. ☺️

I 100% plan on getting a couple more pairs in different colors! If you know of any other great options for workout/running joggers please let me know! Now my next hunt will be for workout tops that aren't completely skin-tight. Wish me luck!


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