In my opinion, one of the most difficult styles of clothing to find modest pieces for is swimwear. Where bikinis, revealing one pieces, and nylon thongs are abundant, finding swimwear that is not only modest but also flattering is (I'm finding out to be) extremely difficult.

To be fair, everyone is going to have a different idea of what "modest" is. So for that reason, I'm simply going to list out the criteria I currently have for swimwear:

I want it to be flattering.

I want to feel confident while wearing it.

I want to feel feminine.

I want to feel like I can move freely.

I want my boobs, butt, torso, and upper thighs to be covered.

I have found that finding swimwear that meets all of this criteria isn't easy. While there are options for both extremes (from maximum coverage burkinis to barely-there bikinis), there aren't many options that tread the middle ground in a stylish and flattering way. At least, not in the way I desire.

In my last blog post I shared that I'm currently on a journey towards dressing more modestly. If you'd like to read my thoughts on modesty and what kickstarted this journey, click HERE!

As I go along on this journey, if I find anything I think may be helpful I want to share that with you! I've recently come across some swimwear options that I'm excited about, which I'll link down below for you to check out! Likewise, if you come across any options that you think would hit my criteria, please feel free to share them with me!

All styles shared below are available in different colors/patterns!

Like I said before, options are slim so if you find something that's great please share it with me!