My Everyday Makeup Routine

I only wear makeup 2-3 days a week, but when I do I have a go-to look that has become a staple for me. Before I had Beckley I would experiment a lot more with my makeup, but now I need something that I know will be quick, easy, and difficult for me to mess up. As a work-at-home Mom I'm having to work at a whole new level of efficiency, so if I'm putting makeup on it needs to be fast and fool-proof, lol.

When creating this routine there were a few things I wanted to keep in my mind:

  1. Light coverage. I don't struggle too much with acne or blemishes, it's mostly redness and uneven skin tones that I'm wanting to even out. Therefore, I don't want anything too heavy.
  2. Keep my freckles on show. I get freckles in the summer and I LOVE them, so I don't want anything that completely takes them away.
  3. Fill in my brows. My brows naturally stop about halfway across, and so I need a quick way to fill them in without them looking like giant fuzzy caterpillars on my face.
  4. Define my favorite features. In general I want to bring attention to my eyes and my lips, and need products that do this with minimal effort and look "natural" in the process.
  5. Slight contouring for some structure. I like to contour my nose and cheekbones, so I need a way to do this that is quick and easy.

I said I only had a few things in mind when creating this routine, but now I'm looking at this list and realizing that's quite a bit. 😂 Anyways, here is my "everyday" makeup routine...

  1. MOISTURIZER + LIP BALM. I apply moisturizer and lip balm first to make sure my skin stays hydrated. Click HERE for my moisturizer and HERE for my lip balm.
  2. HIGHLIGHTER LOTION. I apply this first as a base to give my skin a glow that shines through the foundation. I apply this like a lotion over my entire face. Click HERE for my highlighter lotion.
  3. FOUNDATION. This foundation is labeled as medium coverage, but to keep it even more lightweight I only use a TINY amount. I make a few dots of product all over my face, and then blend it out. Click HERE for my foundation and HERE for the sponge I use to blend.
  4. CONCEALER. I apply a tiny amount of concealer under the inside corners of my eyes, on my chin, and on my forehead just above the bridge of my nose. I don't blend this out right away, let it dry down for a minute or two. Click HERE for my concealer.
  5. CONTOUR. While my concealer is drying down I apply my contour. I will apply product down both sides of my nose, under my lower lip, on my cheekbones, sometimes at the top of my forehead by my hairline, and if I'm feeling a little insecure then also at my jawline. Click HERE for my contour.
  6. BLEND. After I've applied my contour I go in with a WET sponge and blend out my concealer and contour. Click HERE for my sponge. (Again, always use the sponge wet! Run it under tap water and squeeze it until it expands large.)
  7. BRONZER. I will apply bronzer to my cheekbones, temples, and sometimes into my crease as eyeshadow. I will also use bronzer to reinforce my nose contour. Click HERE for my bronzer.
  8. HIGHLIGHTER. I will apply just a TINY amount of highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, sides of my forehead above the arches of my brows, inner corners of my eyes, tip of my nose, bridge of my nose, and cupids bow of my upper lip. Click HERE for my highlighter.
  9. EYESHADOW. For eyeshadow I will use my finger and apply a warm gold shade to my entire lid. I then will take my contour shade or any warm brown and apply it to my crease with a brush. Click HERE for my eyeshadow palette. The top right shade is the color I use over my entire lid.
  10. MASCARA. I apply mascara to both my top and bottom lashes. Click HERE for my mascara.
  11. BROWS. I fill in my brows very lightly with THIS brow pencil.
  12. LIPSTICK. I don't always wear lipstick, but when I do THIS is my go to shade. It's creamy and minimal, which makes it easy and low maintenance to wear.

Below I've added in some images without any filters or editing so you can see what the makeup looks like. 👍🏽

Before, close to window

After, close to window

After, far from window