A lot has happened since I last sat down and wrote for this blog. We bought and moved into our dream home, Beckley turned 2 (so did our Bernedoodle, Sampson), I began focusing more and more on family photography in my business, and most notably...we welcomed our son Cullen Eugene Graham earlier this month.

I first started this blog when I was postpartum with Beckley, so I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that I feel drawn to get back into writing as I'm currently postpartum with our second child. In fact, my first post was "How to Survive Your First Week with a Newborn", a post I revisited myself just before giving birth. Ah, the perks of writing about your life.

Cullen came into the world on November 16th, on my Grandpa's Birthday. It's been fun to see how already, at only 1.5 weeks old, we can see personality and preference differences between him and Beckley. When Cullen hit 1 week old I took some newborn photos. Scroll down to see them! I look forward to taking photos of this Little Man for the rest of my life. 💙