A Roundup of Beckley's Past Birthday Parties, and This Year's Dinosaur Party Plans

It's hard to believe our little girl is going to be 3 so soon. I know everyone tells you to soak it in and that time flies, but it's still a little bit of a shock when you're experiencing it. I'm definitely feeling sentimental over here! This week leading up to Beckley's 3rd Birthday I'll be sharing some birthday-themed blog posts. Keep an eye out for an easy 3-year-old gift guide later this week!

This year I gave Beckley a few different party theme options, and she chose a Dinosaur Party. Personally, I'm so excited about this one! I love the challenge of throwing parties that not only Beckley loves, but all of her friends do also. This looks like creating interactive activities, kid-friendly food, and picking a theme that everyone can get excited about. Dinosaurs are definitely something everyone can get excited about!

Here's a sneak peek at what we're doing for Beckley's Dinosaur Party, and links to where I've found certain things. And scroll down to the bottom of the post to see a roundup of Beckley's past two birthday parties!

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1 | A Dinosaur Party Dress

I'd had this dress saved on Amazon for a long while, so when Beckley chose a dinosaur themed party this was the first thing I added to my cart! What little girl doesn't love a new cute dress? Beckley is super excited to wear this for her "dinosaur party with friends"! 🦖

2 | Pom-Pom Party Hats

Another must-have on Beckley's list--party hats. I found these on Amazon from Meri-Meri and loved the pom poms on top! Too cute!

3, 4, & 11 | Balloon Garland Kits

What''s a party without balloons?! As you'll see in the next item, I have some pretty big balloon plans for this party. Buying a large garland kit is the easiest way to get a bulk amount of balloons in varying sizes, for the best price. I ended up going for THESE, THESE, and THESE.

5 | Giant Balloon Dinosaur

Every birthday party I like to go big on one thing. For her first birthday it was a cardboard castle. For her second birthday it was turning our 3-seasons room into a forest. For this birthday...it's a giant balloon dinosaur. I'm really just winging this based off of a photo I saw online, so wish me luck! To pull this off I got lots of balloons in 3 different colors, plenty of balloon glue dots, plastic balloon clips, and a balloon pump. Wish me luck! 🎈

6 | Dinosaur Tails for Everyone

I saw these dinosaur tails and HAD to get them for the kiddos! Beckley already tested out one when they arrived, and not only was it super fun for her, but also SO CUTE for me to watch! I cannot wait to have Beckley and all her friends running around our house with these tails on. And, it makes a fun party-favor for each kid to go home with.

7 | Dinosaur Birthday Cake Candles

Remind me I still need to order these. You've gotta have candles for the birthday cake! I thought these dinosaur ones from Meri-Meri would be the perfect fit.

8 & 9 | Dinosaur Themed Food

For food we're going to have all Beckley's favorites...with a dinosaur twist. I found this dinosaur footprint cookie cutter on Amazon that I'll use to make dinosaur-themed fruit skewers. I can't wait! I'm not the most creative when it comes to food ideas, so Pinterest has been coming in clutch.

10 | Custom Dinosaur Cookies

I have a friend who makes custom cookies. She made cookies for Beckley's birthday party last year, and the kids LOVED them! So of course I asked her to make some for this year's party also. I sent her a couple inspo photos I found online, the mood board for Beckley's party, and told her to just run with it. 😊

12 | Fun Dinosaur Masks

One last fun thing for the kiddos--dinosaur face masks! I really went all out for the kids this year. They'll get to take these and their tail home with them, which is something I would've been super excited about as a kid myself! At one of Beckley's friends house they have play masks that she LOVES to play with, so I'm sure these will be a big hit with her!

Every year it's a ton of fun to come up with ideas for Beckley's birthday party. Celebrating her is one of my favorite things to do, so of course her birthday is one of my favorite days of the whole year. Would you be surprised if I told you I was already brainstorming for Cullen's first birthday?? 😉

Scroll down to see a roundup of Beckley's past two birthday parties!

🏰 Beckley's First Birthday 🏰

For Beckley's first birthday we had a winter castle theme. I built a castle out of cardboard for her and her friends to play in, served her favorite foods (pancakes and blueberries), and had a wonderful time celebrating her turning one!

🏕 Beckley's Second Birthday 🏕

For Beckley's second birthday we turned our 3-seasons room into a winter forest and campsite. I found a felt campfire set on Amazon for her and her friends to play with, and had some custom on-theme cookies made for the kiddos. It was such a fun time!

Thanks for reading along! I'll be sure to share some photos from this year's party in a few weeks. Wish me luck with that giant balloon dinosaur! It's going to take some serious creativity and engineering on my part, haha.

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Happy Monday!