My Favorite Items for Staying Warm on Winter Walks

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One of my favorite things to do with Beckley (and now Cullen) is go for a walk. Getting even 15 minutes of fresh air each day does wonders for my mental health during these colder months. As the temps are dropping and the snow is falling, staying warm becomes a constant challenge. Down below I'm sharing some of my favorite items for keeping myself and our kiddos warm on our winter strolls.

One of my personal favorite items down below is this 3-in-1 coat. I didn't have this when I had Beckley, but this time around I knew I wanted to have one for the winter months. This coat is a complete game changer, keeping myself and Cullen toasty on all of our winter walks.

Scroll down to see all of my favorite items for staying warm on winter walks! 👇🏽

For The Family

This is our bunting bag, and we love it! We use it in both our Burley Bike Trailer (linked below) and our stroller system (also linked in this post). This bag is the key to keeping Beckley nice and toasty on those cold winter days!

This is our stroller travel system that we used for Beckley, and are now using for Cullen also. The bassinet was AWESOME for those newborn walks, and the toddler seat function is comfortable and easy for Beckley to use! We also LOVE how our carseat can click directly into the stroller base. It makes going for walks away from our neighborhood, traveling, navigating airports, grocery shopping, and so much more SO EASY. I cannot recommend this system enough!

This neck warmer is perfect for protecting yourself from the cold winter chill.

These fleece bibs are the perfect solution for those cold winter days where comfort and warmth are key. I especially love them in this dark green color!

For those winter treks in the beautiful festive snow, some waterproof fleece-lined hiking pants are the way to go.

Say goodbye to cold toes with these fluffy wool socks, in all of our favorite neutrals.

This coat is perfect for covering both you and your baby from the cold. It works as a maternity coat, and then flip the center panel to cover a baby carrier.

These Sorel boots are so practical and warm! I'm currently eyeing up this colorway for Cullen, and these in Cactus Pink for Beckley.

A baby carrier is my favorite way to take Cullen for a walk during these colder months. The body heat keeps your baby warm, and with a carrier coat on top you both stay toasty against the cold.

Ready to keep your toddler protected and warm during your winter walks? Enter this stroller shield, keeping them guarded from wind, snow, and rain.

Looking for an extra level of warmth for your toddler? Try this fleece lined bunting bag!

When the temperatures really drop, these are our go to. We got these mittens last year for Beckley and she loved them! They come in lots of colors and are super toasty.

No one knows how to keep you warm quite like Carhartt. These gloves are a personal favorite of mine! I would recommend sizing up.

On our coldest days or when the snow is thick on the ground, we prefer to use our Burley. We throw a bunting bag in, close all the flaps, and Beckley stays toasty warm! This trailer also rolls super easily through the snow.