Beckley is 5 months old! Sometimes I seriously cannot believe how quickly time is flying. Here are some fun new things that we've discovered about sweet little Beckley during month no. 5...

  1. We have a total extrovert on our hands. Beckley truly comes alive in social situations and loves being around people!
  2. She is soooo interactive now!
  3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her JAM. Seriously.
  4. She's also a huge fan of Chip Gaines. 😂
  5. This month Beckley really found her voice and she has been using it to the fullest!
  6. Still a huge fan of church and music but recently it's been the large lights above the stage that she's found EXTRA entertaining. (Our apologies to anyone praying in church--that seems to be when Beckley becomes extra chatty) 😂
  7. Her height chart read "greater than 99%" and I found that hilarious. 🤣 We've got a tall one!
  8. We learned last night that she LOVES fireworks and isn't phased one bit by the loud booms. 🎇
  9. Beckley wants to crawl, sit, and stand on her own so. bad.
  10. She found her feet this month and they have not left her mouth since. 🦶🏽
  11. She actively reaches for Sully and loves it when he lets her pet him. 🐕
  12. To piggy-back on that, she loves dogs. All dogs, any dog. Just loves dogs.
  13. Favorite activities include boating, "chasing" Sully, playing in her activity center, and chatting/playing with one of her MANY amazing aunts, uncles, or grandparents.

It's crazy to think that this little lady of ours is already 5 months. How did that happen?! Every month we fall more in love with her, and I cannot wait to see what month number 6 holds. 💕