A War for the Unborn

I’m going to offend someone with this post, and I’m at peace with that. We need more people willing to openly share their beliefs, so here’s me doing my part.

The fact that the argument over abortion and whether it’s a womens rights issue or not is still happening deeply saddens me. To my core. If only you could feel the grief in my chest and the heat in my veins as I’m typing this.

I am a woman.

I’ve carried a child and given birth.

I’ve felt what it is to surrender your body for someone else.

I know the sacrifice pregnancy and birth require.

I am not naive.

I’ve heard all the arguments:

“No one really wants an abortion.”

“The right to choose is important.”

“Think of the woman and how this will affect her.”

“This baby will be born into the system.”

“Due to health/development complications the baby will have no quality of life.”

“It’s her body.”

“There wasn’t a heartbeat yet.”

“Human rights begin when they’re born, not before.”

“She’s too young to have a baby. What about going to college?”

“She won’t have support/can’t afford it/etc.”

And so many more.

They go on and on and on and to get completely honest, I hear the rational behind many of these.

I see the brokenness in this world.

I see the brokenness in the system.

I see the brokenness in relationships.

I see the brokenness in how we treat one another.

This world is a broken world, and it groans.

I can understand where they’re coming from. But that doesn’t mean I agree with them. Because two wrongs don’t make a right.

Hear me when I say, this is not a womens rights issue. This is a HUMAN rights issue.

The moment that child is conceived, they are just that: a child. A young, unformed, fragile, completely vulnerable child. And these children need to be protected and fought for.

I’m for free will. God is for free will. However I am NOT for deciding who gets to live and who doesn’t. And that’s exactly what abortion is: deciding the unborn child doesn’t get to live.

I know the sacrifice carrying and delivering a child requires. I’m learning and living out the sacrifice raising a child requires. What we need to do is encourage and support and come alongside those who find themselves in these impossible situations where suddenly a young life is compromised.

We need to support young and single mothers.

We need to care about living conditions.

We need to encourage adoption and foster care.

We need to push for reforms in the system.

We need to show more compassion for those hurting.

And we need to care for the most vulnerable in this world: the unborn.

They deserve a chance at life, and the woman carrying them deserves to feel loved and supported.

Friends, we need to step it up. The fact that there are so many people fighting for the right to abortion is evidence that we NEED to step it up!!

Show up for those who need us: the unborn AND the women and families who find themselves in these hard situations.

If you’re reading this and you’ve had an abortion, I’m not writing this to condemn you or judge you. That’s not my place or intention. Please know that I want to see change happen in this world in such a mighty way that abortion never again has to be considered. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Let’s fight for that world. A world that’s whole. And maybe, if you find yourself carrying a vulnerable child, you let them live to maybe see that world. ❤️

Katie xx

Photo from the day I found out I was pregnant.