I've been very lucky that up until recently I'd never had any serious medical concerns or scares. The craziest thing that had happened up until recently was finding out that I had a hostile blood type for pregnancy, and even then all that entailed was regular shots to keep my body in check. I've been very, very fortunate.

Therefore, when I was in the operation room losing a scary amount of blood only minutes after giving birth, I found myself in a situation I wasn't used to. Looking back I now realize how serious the situation was, and often wonder how I wasn't terrified in the moment. To be completely honest, I was mildly uneasy, but for the most part I felt at peace with the situation.

As I was being wheeled out of the birthing room I remember looking at Jackson as he stood by Beckley in her little bed, gave him a reassuring smile, said "See you in a few," and in my mind thought "God, your will be done".

I've heard many people say before that often when you're facing a serious situation you "rise to the occasion". I wasn't sure that I was one of those people, but that is exactly what happened. I knew things were serious. I knew I had every reason to be scared or freaking out. But I kept a lid on it, remained calm, and put my trust in God and the medical professionals helping me -- all 9 of them, haha.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are completely out of control and dependent on others. In these moments it is so important to find peace in the situation. Here are some ways looking back I was able to find peace:

  1. I knew I was in good hands. I had trust in the medical professionals caring for me and chose to believe that they knew what was best for me. I didn't have a choice anyways, so best option was to completely trust them.
  2. I had God at my side. I cannot express enough the peace that comes in a relationship with Him. I knew that it was a win-win situation for me. No matter what happened I was at peace with the potential outcomes because I knew I had God in my corner.
  3. Not gonna lie, once I was actually in the operating room I did whatever I could to distract myself. I chatted with the nurse standing by me (I'm sure it was her sold job to distract me too, haha). I asked what she was doing for the weekend, what kind of food she liked most, about her kids, etc. Taking my mind off of what was actually happening in the moment was key in my opinion.
  4. I focused on breathing deep. Lots of slow and purposeful breaths was very helpful for me!

Thankfully I came out of that situation fine. Lots of stitches, but generally fine and most importantly totally calm and at peace. I hope that if you find yourself in a scary medical situation you can find peace as well. Put your faith in those caring for you, trust in God and His will for your life, and if you're able to distract yourself, DO IT. And never underestimate the effects of good old-fashioned deep breaths. They'll do a lot in a crazy situation!

Katie xx