One of my favorite things about having this blog is that it can act as an online scrapbook, keeping memories, stories, and photos all in one place for us to look back on later. Yesterday was Beckley's second Easter, and we all had such a good day! Granted, it's hard to have a bad day on Easter because He is Risen!

Here's what we got up to:

  1. Morning cuddles with Beckley in bed. Beckley has been waking up extra early lately, and has loved coming into our bed for some super-sweet morning cuddles.❤️
  2. Church! I took family photos before and after the service while Beckley got some Daddy-Daughter time. Beckley also did SUPER well during the service, and played quietly the whole time! We were SO proud of her. I'm planning on making a blog post soon sharing some new QUIET toddler toys we've found that were key yesterday.
  3. Brunch at Graham-ma and Graham-pa's house! The Graham Clan gathered together for quiche, pancakes, bacon, and lots of fun. Beckley enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt with her cousins and an Easter Basket from Grandma and Grandpa Graham! 🐰
  4. We then hurried down to Randolph for an Easter Celebration with Mimi, Papa, Aunt Kenzie, and Great-Grandpa Kizer. We had lots of yummy food, Beckley got her second Easter Basket of the day (and a kiddie pool! 💦), and celebrated both Aunt Kenzie's and Papa's upcoming Birthdays. Beckley also got to play with some Easter Eggs that her Papa played with when he was young!
  5. Once we got home Beckley got her THIRD Easter Basket (from us) and enjoyed playing with her new play dinnerware set.

Oftentimes Easter can feel like a wild spin of family time, driving, and chasing plastic eggs filled with candy. But we make sure to take the time to remember why we have Easter at all: because of Jesus' triumph over death! The reason we can have hope in this trying world is because we know Jesus has conquered it all. When you are firmly rooted in Him, you experience a peace and joy that overshadows any hardship or heartbreak. If you do not yet know this kind of joy, I encourage you to know Jesus. He loves you and paid it all for you. Turn to Him and experience a peace that knows no limits!

Cheering you on always! He is Risen!

Katie xx

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