Claw Clip Hairstyle for Long Hair

Hi there! Today I'll be sharing with you my go-to claw clip hairstyle. This works perfectly for long hair when you need to get it up and out of your face. I LOVE having long hair, but sometimes I need it off of my neck, and ponytails can feel too heavy on my scalp. This claw clip hairstyle is the perfect solution!

Claw Clip Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Step 1

Lightly brush out your hair on the ENDS ONLY to remove any tangles. Leave your scalp and mid-section unbrushed for maximum volume and grip for your clip.

step 2

Gather all of your hair into one hand as if you're creating a pony tail. Wherever you create the "pony" will be the base of your twist, so play around with how high or low you want this to be!

step 3

This is where you create your twist! Twirl all of your hair into a light twist, and then fold it in on itself it necessary. I have quite long hair, so folding it over on itself helps keep the ends from flopping like crazy.


Clip the twist firmly with your claw clip. Make sure the prongs are reaching from your scalp on one side of the twist all the way to your scalp on the other side. This will keep your clip secure.


Adjust, fluff, and pull as needed to achieve your desired affect. I like to have a good amount of volume in my twist, and don't like for it to look too neat or perfect.


Enjoy! This hairstyle looks better and better the longer you wear it, and often looks best when you do it quickly. Don't think too much about it!

That's it! This claw clip hairstyle is super simple, and works great for keeping long hair up and out of your face/off your neck. Plus, I love the 90's vibes it gives. ☺️

Extra Tips:

  1. This hairstyle works best for me on second, third, and fourth day hair. Usually when your hair is a little dirty and has some extra grit to it, the clip stays in better and the style looks more effortless.
  2. I definitely prefer this style with some loose waves in my hair. In these images I have second-day curls from the previous day, which I find to be perfect.
  3. Embrace the messy. Don't try to make it too perfect, the whole point is for it to look tousled and like you "just threw it up there".

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