living life with open hands.

A New Season In Life

While Sampson is definitely growing on us all more and more by the day, Sully is still Beckley's #1 bud. The other day I caught them cuddling it up on our bed (just a mattress on the floor right now 😂) and I couldn't help but snap some quick photos of all the cuteness! Scroll down to se them all. 👇🏽

The past few days we've seen lots of our large pieces of furniture go off to new homes, and I'm continually reminded of how important it is to live life with open hands. This house has been our home for the past 3.5 years, and it feels strange to see items that have made this house feel like a home go off to someone else.

First was our outdoor dining set. I remember the trip we took with friends to go pick it up. It was hours away, and we didn't have a vehicle large enough to bring it home (like many of our past furniture purchases!). We had friends generously drive us with their truck to go pick it up, and I still remember that time with friends very fondly.

A few days later was our bedroom set. We bought the set with our house, and it was especially exciting because it came with a KING size bed!! We felt so spoiled. I remember the first couple nights I would reach out my toes and see how long it would take before I could touch Jackson. 😂

This past weekend was our dining table that we've hosted countless family and friend dinners around. I think of the conversations we had, the extreme hot sauces we tried, and the number of highchairs we managed to squeeze around it. That dining table worked as my "desk" most days. It's where I would watch Beckley play while I edited photos for a wedding or designed pages for Your (Mess)age Mag.

As we head towards saying "goodbye" to this season of life and launch ourselves into the next, I remember the importance of having open hands. Everything is a gift from God. Our willingness to let it go and not hang onto anything too tightly is a way of exercising our faith and reliance on Him.

On this Tuesday, at the beginning of a new week, I encourage you to live with hands open and a heart willing to give whatever God asks, and receive whatever He gives.

Cheering you on always!

Katie xx

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