Living Life with open hands

Baking with Mimi

Life has been a *little* hectic recently. Between moving, wedding season ramping up, preparing to launch the summer issue of Your (Mess)age Mag, and looking for a new home...let's just say it's been a lot. However, something I'm making sure to do is watch for the little moments. The sweet moments that unfold naturally, inconspicuously, and without provocation. These are the moments that ground me when life gets crazy, and are also the moments I want to remember.

A couple days ago Beckley enjoyed some baking with her Mimi, and loved every second of it. She watched with serious concentration as Mimi pulled out all the ingredients, stirred with enthusiasm when she was allowed to use the whisk, and chewed furiously when the "crackers of their labor" were finished (all while Sully watched, hoping to catch a stray snack). Of course I had to pull out my camera and capture the sweet moment unfolding!

Last night it hit me--in just a couple short days we won't have a home anymore. Though mentally I had known this for a while, I hadn't processed it emotionally yet. As I walked into Beckley's nursery to gather some final items, I started crying. I loved that room. It was the room we had spent weeks preparing for her, the room where I had prayed every day over her, and the room where the light shined in just right in the morning. In that room Beckley had learned to roll over, put bows in Sully's fur, and discovered the joy of books. It was my favorite room in the house. I will miss that room, very much.

Though I remind myself to keep my hands open. To be willing to let go. To be ready to receive something new, whatever it may be. And when I have a day where maybe I'm struggling a bit more than usual, it's sweet moments like baking with Mimi that keep me going.

Remember that when God says "no" to one thing, He will say "yes" to another. Our job is to simply be faithful and put our trust in Him. He has you in His hands, and He won't ever let go.

Cheering you on always!

Katie xx