I was Told "you're too skinny"...

Yesterday I was told I am “too skinny”.

Let me explain to you why I find this so ironic.

5 months before I got pregnant with Beckley I got into running, & I ended up losing a good chunk of weight. I had people tell me I “looked great” & all those nice things we humans love to hear.

I then got pregnant & gained weight (like all pregnant women do). Totally natural and healthy.

My body over the past 6 weeks has been shedding weight & adjusting into its new role as a mom, & to be frank, I think I look dang good. I weigh more than I did pre-pregnancy, & I’m 10000% okay with that. I’m just letting my body do it’s thing.

But now all of a sudden I’m “too skinny”?

The heck?

To be honest I was worried about how I’d feel confidence-wise postpartum. I’ve never been super body confident, & those months pre-pregnancy were the first EVER that I felt totally “confident”.

Time for super-honesty time.

The biggest trigger for my body insecurities has always been my sisters. I grew up in a family of slim, long-legged, beautiful girls. (Love you, L,M,&M!)

There was one big difference between me & them—I had curves. Not big ones, but big enough to feel like a mammoth on every family beach vaca.

Last May was the first time I wore a swim suit next to my family & I felt 100% comfortable. I didn’t want to lose my new “confidence”.

A little over a week ago we had family come into town and I was surrounded by a LOT of tall & slim family members.

You know what happened?

I didn’t even think about it. It never even occurred to me that I could have felt insecure until we were on the drive home. I’d made it through an entire weekend with family without ONCE feeling insecure. You know why?

Because I feel DANG. PROUD. of my body.

That’s body confidence. Loving your body to the point where not even the THOUGHT of insecurity crossed your mind in the moment of trial.

Yesterday someone told me I’m “too skinny”... but what they think doesn’t matter.

Friend, remember that both negative AND positive opinions don’t matter when it comes to body confidence. What matters is YOUR opinion. Love your body. Look after it.

& when insecurity knocks on the door, tell it to hit the road.