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Preparing for Wedding Season 2022

When I started Katie Graham Photography in 2017, I read a statistic that said 50% of businesses don't make it past five years. This year will officially be our fifth wedding season, and sixth year total in business. As I'm preparing for wedding season 2022, I am struck with gratefulness and humility at where this business has grown to. What started out as a business that I NEVER wanted to do, has transformed into a livelihood that has been an incredible gift in my life.

You might think that after shooting over 50 weddings and 60 engagement sessions, that all my nerves would have subsided and I would've found a routine to take comfort in. Well, while I have found a routine (yay for systems!), the nerves absolutely have not subsided, nor do I ever want them to.

You see, the nerves are a reminder that I am inadequate without God. On my own, this business is bound to fail. Perhaps not financially or in the eyes of the world, but in everything that truly would fail. I need His help, guidance, and blessing. I need Him to use my work and my words in ways that I cannot foresee or accomplish. I need Him to take control because ultimately, this business is His, not mine.

Before every wedding or session you'll see me in my car, praying. Praying over my gear, my hands, the logistics, and most couples. I pray for their experience, their special day, and their marriage. I pray that they would come to know the Lord if they don't already and that I would be a witness for Him in every interaction I have with them, even when I'm not explicitly saying His name. I desire for them to see Him in how I handle the stress of family formals. To see His patience in how I interact with "that one crazy aunt". To see His grace when another vendor fails at their job. To see His providence when logistics have to be reevaluated on the spot. In everything I do that day, I want them to see Him.

The images I capture are not my own. They're His. They're Him using my hands to create something extraordinary, and I am so humbled to be used by Him in this way. So yes, I feel nerves, because I know what my task is and I feel the weight of it. But I also feel peace, because I know God will work amazing things. He always does--every wedding day and engagement session--and He always will.

As I prepared for this 2022 wedding season, I pray. For equipment to work without fail, for no corrupted images, that my hands would stay away from user error, and that He would create something beautiful.

And I remember that this business is not mine, but His. That the couples I interact with are His. That the images I capture are His. That all glory is His.

The photos in today's blog post are from Sara and Kevin's romantic engagement session at the historic Chautauqua Institution. You can see the full engagement session HERE.

Cheering you on always!

Katie xx

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