Hi guys and welcome back! Today I'm sharing with you a master list of all the baby products we LOVED during Beckley's first year of life. If you're expecting a baby or in the first year of motherhood, this might be a helpful post for you!

Katie xx

The Best Baby Products

for the First Year


  • Munchkin Sippy Cups (These are like gold! They don't spill--at all. Stock up on these! My only tip would be to make sure you remove the plastic covering at the end of the weighted piece.)
  • Dr Browns Bottles (Best bottles ever. Hands down.)
  • Munchkin Drying Rack (Essential!)
  • Washing Machine Bottle Cage (If you have a washing machine, get yourself one of these.)
  • Mushie Bibs (Dishwasher safe AND practical. Love ours!)
  • Mushie Mat (We keep this and a bib in our diaper bag and use it all over the place! Restaurants, airplane, airport, our parents place, etc.)
  • Bottle Warmer (We loved ours. It was fast and fit all bottle sizes.)
  • Microwave Sanitizer (Super handy.)
  • Highchair (Love ours! Height is adjustable too!)
  • Mesh Feeders (These were great for introducing flavors to Beckley before she was cleared to try solids.)
  • Spaghetti Bib (If your kid loves spaghetti but you hate the mess, get this. It's a game changer!)





  • Old Navy (Go to my IG and check out my highlight titled "baby hacks" for tips for saving money while shopping here!)
  • Amazon Dress (Comes in TONS of colors!)
  • Snow Mittens
  • Bow Pack (A bow in nearly every color! These are great!)
  • Amazon Sunglasses (Beckley wore these all summer! They seemed to be really comfortable, and she was much happier on the boat when she had these + a hat on.)
  • Oshkosh Jacket (Cannot rave about this windbreaker enough. Would 100% buy again.)
  • Old Navy Baseball Hat (They don't carry this online right now, but check in stores once we get to springtime! We got Beckley a baseball cap from Old Navy and it was PERFECT for those days when she needed a little extra warmth on her head, but not a full winter cap.)
  • Winter Beanie
  • Snowsuit
  • Snow boots
  • Newborn Mittens (Great for when they are susceptible to scratching their faces as a newborn).
  • Keens Sandles (In love with ours. Tried them in the Colorado mountains and they were perfect. Now that she's walking we will probably be using these all summer!)



  • Seedlings Baby Wash (Find a Young Living provider and purchase this from them! Love this baby wash!)



  • Diaper Bag (I seriously see this diaper bag everywhere. It's THAT good. When people carry ours they always comment on how comfortable it is to carry. It's also SUPER spacious. Don't look anywhere else, just get this one.)
  • Portable Changing Pad (Get yourself several of this: 1 for the diaper bag, and 1 for each car.)
  • Cubs Burp Cloths (Stock up on these! They're the BEST!)
  • Pampers Swaddlers
  • Pampers Baby Dry
  • Pampers Wipes
  • Elvie Pump (If you're able to swing it, GET IT. I loved mine!!)
  • Burley Bike Trailer (Worth every penny. This was a gift from my parents and we're so thankful! We love it, and best of all, Beckley loves it too!)

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