The Best $10 Baby Sneakers on Amazon

Ya'll, these sneakers are my favorite find on Amazon recently! Right now Beckley REALLY wants to walk, which means she is now wearing shoes just about everywhere we go that's public. Gotta keep those feet clean!

Finding shoes that actually stay on her feet AND are cute isn't easy. But, I when I came across these sneakers on Amazon I knew I had to give them a try! Plus, they were only $10--so affordable!

Once they arrived I tried them on Beckley and immediately knew they were perfect. They fit like a dream with plenty of room to grow, they stayed on her feet without an issue, and they're only velcro to fasten (can I hear a hallelujah?!). Not only are they practical--they're super cute as well. I opted for the white, red, and blue version, but they come in a variety of colors. I may have to order a chestnut brown version!

Click HERE to buy your own pair!

The insides are an easy wipe-clean material, and they open up really wide making it easy to put on your little one's feet. No trying to shove tiny feet in! PLUS, there are actual grips on the bottom, so if your little one is movin' and groovin' like Beckley is, this comes in really handy.

I'm going to link below a few other options from this same brand that are available on Amazon. You may see some of these on Beckley's feet in the future!

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for some pics of Beckley modeling her new sneakers. 😉

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Katie xx

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