My Honest Solly Baby Wrap Review

If there was one item I knew I wanted for YEARS before having Beckley, it was a wrap from Solly Baby. I remember seeing moms with their Solly Baby wraps and thinking that they looked super cute, and who doesn't want a wrap that isn't just functional, but adorable as well? I know I did!

Now that I'm a little over a month into motherhood and I've given my Solly Baby a few go's, I feel ready to give an honest review of my thoughts for the wrap. ☺️

The Pros

  1. It's super cute!
  2. It's simple (once you get the hang of it).
  3. Support & education for the wrap is top notch.
  4. It's easy to wash/keep clean.
  5. You can use it with your newborn.
  6. It doesn't take up much space.
  7. It's comfortable.
  8. It comes in a variety of colors.
  9. It's designed with top-notch intentionality.

Let's unpack these...

1 | it's super cute!

This goes without saying, but man are these wraps cute! You're able to dress them up and wear to a more formal occasion, or you can keep them totally casual and wear with athletic-wear like I am in these photos. Super versatile!

2 | It's simple (once you get the hang of it)

Using the wrap takes a little getting used to, but once you get it I PROMISE it is super simple to use! I'm able to put on my wrap and have Beckley loaded in about 2-3 minutes, and there aren't any straps or buckles I need to ask someone to clip or tighten for me. I can put it on completely by myself, which is handy for those days I'm home alone with our little lady. ☺️

3 | Support & education for the wrap is amazing

The SollyBaby team provides amazing support and edu for their customers! When you purchase you get access to a video tutorial on how to properly put on and use the wrap, and they're SUPER responsive on IG which is handy! I've been very impressed with the amount of hands-on support they provide for their customers.

4 | it's easy to wash/keep clean

The wrap is just one giant piece of fabric, which makes washing it SUPER easy to do! No buckles or padding to worry about. Just throw it in the wash and you're good to go!

5 | You can use it with your newborn

A lot of baby carriers you can't use until your baby is around 4 months old, or you have to purchase an additional "infant insert" to use. Not the case here! Your baby's head is able to be fully supported with the wrap, which means you can start using the wrap to carry your baby as early as you'd like!

6 | it doesn't take up much space

Again, because the wrap is only one piece of fabric, it's able to fold up into a small bundle that doesn't take up much space at all. I'm easily able to pack it in my purse and bring it along! There's also a pouch built into the end of the fabric so the wrap can fold in on itself, which makes for easy storage.

7 | IT'S comfortable

SOOOO COMFORTABLE! Again, no giant buckles or straps. It isn't bulky. It's 100% soft fabric. It honestly feels like you're wearing a cute shirt that your baby happens to be riding snuggly in.

8 | it comes in a variety of colors

More of an orange person? They've got that. Fan of neutrals? They've got that. Only wear black? Got that too! Or maybe you like a splash of green in your wardrobe? Yup, they've got that also.

9 | It's designed with top-notch intentionality

You can tell that a LOT of thought went into the design of this wrap! It's design is very simple, but definitely intentional and well thought-through. Little details like the pouch on the end and the tag in the middle of the wrap make using the wrap very easy, and are details that I now would definitely miss if they weren't there!

Now let's talk about some cons...

The Cons

  1. It takes some getting used to.
  2. It's pricey.
  3. It's a LOT of fabric.

Let's unpack these...

1 | It takes some getting used to

To be honest, this isn't necessarily a "con" but more of a reality of using something new. Having a baby comes with a plethora of new experiences and things to figure out (like sanitizing bottles and changing diapers), and I just view this as one of those things. That being said, using this wrap takes some practice and you definitely want to make sure you're doing it right. Thankfully SollyBaby is already 5 steps ahead of you, and has a great video tutorial available that walks you through exactly how to safely use their wraps!

2 | It's pricy

SollyBaby wraps aren't cheap. They average for around $65.00, and when you look at it as paying that amount for a strip of fabric, you can easily feel like it's overpriced. My husband couldn't help but calculate how much profit they must be making on each wrap. 😂 However, I would still say that the price is worth it! I'm in love with my wrap!

3 | it's a lot of fabric

This really isn't a "con" either, but just know that it is a LOT of fabric. This allows the wrap to fit just about anyone (huuuuge plus), but it does mean that if you're a smaller person in frame (like I am) then you're going to have a decent amount of draped fabric. Just keep an eye to make sure it doesn't catch on anything or tear. I usually tie my excess fabric into a loose bow to keep it more gathered.


I am totally obsessed with my SollyBaby! I was gifted mine as a baby shower gift, but I would happily pay the $65 myself to get another one! I've got my eye on their "neutral stripe" one. 😉

Would I recommend SollyBaby wraps? Yes, 100%! With how easy they are to use, and the comfort they provide for both you and baby, I personally think of them as a must-have item. I've been wearing mine in the colder winter months, but I imagine this will be more comfortable than traditional carriers in the warmer months as well! Breathable fabric over bulky padding? Yes please! 👏🏽

All in all, I think these wraps are great. I love mine and if you're wanting to wear your baby around (highly recommend) then I think you will to. :) Plus, gotta mention again, they're so dang cute. 😍