How Putting Yourself Out There Can Help You Grow

I'm not naturally someone to put myself out there and really go for something. I'm more of the behind-the-scenes kind of girl who is often more than content to just let things happen naturally as they will.

I've learned that putting yourself out there is like a muscle. When you first do it, you take baby steps with trepidation, feeling like the whole world is watching. As you slowly put yourself out there more and more often, you grow in confidence and strengthen the muscle. You begin to realize that not nearly as many people are watching as you thought, and those who are don't care nearly as much as you'd think. Instead, usually they're your biggest cheerleaders!

My first steps towards putting myself out there were back in 2016, when I started (and failed) four different businesses. Trust me, it was humiliating. I felt like a complete failure. I was ready to crawl into a hole and never expose myself to that kind of embarrassment again.

Cue 2017. I had a dream of becoming a wedding photographer, but due to my past four failures I was more than willing to let this dream die on the vine. It took Jackson pushing me off the deep end saying, "you're doing this" to get the ball rolling. I slowly started taking baby steps, putting myself back out there, and over time my business grew.

For the past 4 years I've been continuing to grow the muscle of putting myself out there. I've taken bold steps to grow my business, make connections, and pursue passions. It's amazing what can happen when you simply tell fear "not today" and take a step towards something you've dreamed of.

Putting yourself out there is exposing yourself. You're opening yourself up to potential criticism and if you fail, the ensuing embarrassment is real. But it's all a part of the journey. When you embrace the process, you are refined by the fire.

How Putting Yourself Out There Can Help You Grow

  • You cannot be arrogant. Putting yourself out there requires humility. Event if you start out prideful, you can bet your bottom dollar a quick humility check is just around the corner. Humility is a quality we all should strive for, and putting yourself out there and going after dreams will force you to check your ego at the door.

  • You grow in confidence. As you realize your strengths (and weaknesses) you can start making bolder steps with more confidence and faith in your abilities or experiences.

  • You open yourself to have impact. I'm a firm believer that you can have impact and help others wherever you are in life, but putting yourself out there and going after goals or dreams will only increase the number of people you have connection with. That is your circle of influence. Use it to have impact!

When you embrace the process, you are refined by the fire.

I know how it feels to want to play it safe and stay in the shadows. My natural desires are to cause as little noise as possible. But friend, there is so much available if you're willing to step into the light and put yourself out there. Open yourself to opportunity and take a chance. Then take another one, and another one, and another one. Given time, you will find yourself taking moves and making decisions you once could have only dreamed of.

Whatever it is that you dream of going after, just do it. Put yourself out there. Make a move. Consider this your "permission slip" to do so.

You've got this friend! I'm cheering you on always.

Katie xx

Images are a throwback to last december.