Happy 4 Months, Beckley!

Our little Beckley is 4 months old today! How the time is flying!

I feel like in the past month she has REALLY come alive. Smiles in abundance, LOTS of talking (well, noises that is), and learning new things. Just a couple of days ago she picked up her first toy and held on to it for a couple minutes! Big milestone there!

Here are a few things Beckley is loving right now:

  • "Standing" and "sitting", but man is she getting close to sitting on her own!
  • Touching and pulling grass
  • Watching Sully and giggling when he rolls
  • Walks outside
  • Boat rides
  • Eric Carle books
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Music at church ("dancing" non-stop)
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney+

Watching this little lady grow and change is too much fun! Scroll below to see some pics from this past month. ☺️