Baby Boat Days & Mermaid Fins

Yesterday we went out for a boat ride + Beckley got to try on her new baby mermaid swimsuit. I love the side ruffles that look like little fins!

Her Ariel doll was a favorite toy of mine when I was young. Beckley LOVES chewing on her tail, and the hair is always a total mess nowadays. 😂

Something we are so thankful for is that Beckley loves the boat as much as she does. We often joke that we bought the boat for her! The boat may not actually be hers, but we definitely bought it with days like these in mind. We wanted it to be a place where we could spend time as a family, make memories, and simply enjoy life. Yesterday afternoon was one of those times!

Taking time to unwind, no matter what that looks like for you, is so so important. Be intentional about doing things that put you in a state of rest and ease! For us, the boat is a shoo-in.

Scroll down for some iPhone snaps from yesterday!