Bitty Baby Fun

When I was a little girl my parents bought me a Bitty Baby Doll. I had a Moses basket for her to sleep in, a wicker suitcase (complete with a matching one for her teddy bear), and some fun matching outfits for her to wear. I think I named her Sarah, but to be honest, I cannot remember for sure.

For Beckley's first birthday Jackson and I decided that this Bitty Baby would be the perfect gift for Beckley. My Mom was amazing and super thoughtful and saved all of my Bitty Baby items. All of her outfits, accessories, everything was saved in case I ever wanted to hand it down to my own daughter someday. I'm so grateful she did so!

Over the past few days it's been so much fun seeing Beckley enjoy and play with the same doll that brought me so much happiness when I was little. Keep scrolling for some photos of her playing with her "new" doll the other day!

P.S. The tea set photographed was my Grandma's when she was a young girl. Beckley LOVES playing with tea set and "drinking" out of the little cups!