Beckley's Nursery Reveal!

When Jackson and I started planning our nursery, we didn't yet know the gender of our baby. However, this didn't hold us back from starting the design process because we knew that we wanted to have one nursery for all of our future kids, and a design that could effortlessly flip between being more feminine or masculine.

Design isn't one of my strongest talents--I'm not terrible, but definitely not great. At the time I also lacked a lot of confidence to do something different, and I knew I wanted this room to be the first one in our home where we really injected some character.

Ya'll, I love our home, but it's a total blank slate. Zero character. We are working on that. 😂

I often say that our home is "boring", meaning that it lacks character or anything exciting that really sets it a part. Over time we will slowly make it more to our style, and this nursery is the first room of that transformation!

Because of mine and Jackson's lack of confidence in design, we opted to bring my younger sister on board to help us out. Lex, is an interior designer with a natural knack for creating beautiful spaces that I will always be jealous of. I knew she would do a great job at creating a beautiful, unique space with a budget!

When I asked Lex if she'd be interested in designing our nursery, her answer was an immediate "yes, of course!" She had me send over some inspiration photos, our budget, and our overall desires for the room. She also had us send her the dimensions of the room so she could make pricing estimates for materials like wallpaper, molding, paint, or a rug.

This was the final mood board created by Alexis for our sweet girl's nursery. I loved how the design could easily shift from feminine to masculine with a few small tweaks in the future if needed.

Then the designing began...

We knew that we wanted to implement a lot of color and pattern into the space, while also keeping the space relatively bright. We decided to stick to a color palette of primarily deep blue, cream, warm grey, and a dark, rich green.

You'll notice that there isn't ANY green on the mood board above. That's because our decision to switch from Reflective White to a deep green was a total last-minute change but I'm SO GLAD we did it! It's so different and feminine in a very non-traditional way and I'm OBSESSED.


Jackson and I also had a very small budget for decorating this room, which proved to be a challenge, but not entirely impossible. Creating a unique space doesn't have to be expensive--you just have to sometimes get creative.

Lex sat down and wrote out some specific steps we took to create a beautiful room plan without sacrificing either design or budget. You can find Lex's top 3 tips for designing a nursery on a budget in tomorrow's blog post!

Here's how Beckley's Nursery turned out!

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