This year was Beckley's first 4th of July, and she had such a fun day! From close to 5 hours out on the boat, to lots of time with friends and family, to staying up late and watching fireworks, this little lady did it all.

Jackson and I kept waiting for Beckley to crash and need some down time, but I kid you not, this girl cannot get enough socializing in! She definitely slept hard that night though, lol.

For anyone wondering what we did for naps/keeping her happy throughout the day, here is the timeline from her first 4th of July ❤️💙:

Beckley's First 4th of July:

8:40 - Wake up & get dressed

9:00 - Church (bottle at church)

11:15 - Nap

12:15 - Wake up & get boat-ready 👙

12:30-5:30 - Boating 🚤 (2 short naps and 2 bottles while on the boat)

6:00 - Nap in car on way to Grandparents

6:30 - Continue nap at Grandparents

7:00 - Wake up and socialize

9:00 - Nap in car on way home

9:45 - "Walk" into town for fireworks

10:00 - Fireworks 🎇

10:30 - Walk home

10:45 - Pajamas, bottle, & go to bed

Obviously this is not what a normal day looks like for Beckley. Her naps were shorter, she got up earlier than normal, and stayed up wayyy later than normal. But she handled such a jam-packed day so well, and we couldn't be more proud of her! Plus, she LOVED the fireworks! I swear she was actually bummed when they ended. 😂

If you're nervous about having a baby and enjoying holidays, my advice would be to go into each part of the day with a game plan. We had Beckley's diaper bag on us and stocked with bottles, changes of clothes, diapers, and all kinds of toys throughout the entire day. This way if we needed to make a quick change or give her an emergency bottle we were able to.

Also, Beckley is an exceptionally chill and VERY social baby. Not much phases her and she thrives in social settings. She also LOVES being on the boat, and anything outdoors with movement or light is a quick favorite for her. So basically this past 4th was a day full of activities that were right up Beckley's alley. Keep in mind that every baby is different, so know what your babies limits are and create a plan around what will help them be happy and enjoy the day as much as possible. A happy baby = happy parents!

Scroll down for some pictures from this past weekend! 🇺🇸