finding the message in every mess

Adjusting to a New Normal

If there is one constant in life, it is this: change. Just as the dust starts to settle after one transition, another is right around the corner. However, those little pockets of "normalcy" are a welcome relief when change seems to be coming from all sides. Here are some ways we've been adjusting to our new normal recently:

  • New routines! We, Beckley, and the dogs have all been finding new routines that work for us in this temporary season of life. Things like evening walks, "trips" to the swing, and bedtime routines give a sense of continuity in an ever-changing season.
  • Sampson (who normally sleeps with us) has found enjoyment in sleeping in the basement. Sully would never go for it, but Sampson seems to sleep better than ever down there!
  • Play dates! Beckley has regular play dates every Monday and Friday with a friend. These act as "bookends" to the work week, and watching her grow in relationship with other kids is a joy!
  • Slowly unpacking. I still have no idea where most of my shoes are, and desperately need to do some laundry. But slowly, box by box, bag by bag, we are getting settled.
  • Discovering new things. We have learned that Beckley loves dirt, and couldn't care less about flowers. In fact, she often spits at them. Rocks on the other hand are the bees-knees.
  • We aren't rushing the house-searching process. While we actively look for options, we trust that God's timing is best and patiently listen for His nudgings.
  • Wedding season is upon us! While our personal life may be upside down, I'm finding routine in my work as the wedding season ramps up.
  • There are so many blessings that come with this unique season we are in, and we actively work to recognize and appreciate them. We desperately want to look back on this time with fondness and appreciation, rather than resentment. Noticing and saying "thank you" for all of the blessings this season provides is a crucial part of that.

I talk a lot about how in every mess there is a message. Losing our dream home was absolutely a mess, but it's a privilege to learn the hidden message as it unfolds.❤️

Scroll down for some photos of Beckley finding a rock she loves (and spitting on flowers).